Gallery Row –Los Angeles Success Story

April 16, 2011

You’ve seen before and after comparisons on home shows. Imagine an entire neighborhood. Gallery Row experienced such a transformation Except for a few landmarks, it would be nearly impossible to imagine how bleak the before picture was. In 2003, this part of the Historic Core was essentially depressed. Daylight brought some shoppers. But, at 6:00PM, it became abandoned. Gallery Row was designated in 2003 to encourage a concentration of galleries. Now, Main and Spring Streets thrive as a culturally rich and enjoyable urban neighborhood. Gallery Row runs north and south along Main and Spring Streets, bordered by 2nd Street on the North and 9th, on the South. The original proposal by artists Nic Cha Kim and Kjell Hagen was made on behalf of the Arts, Aesthetics, and Culture Committee of the Downtown Los Angeles Neighborhood Council (DLANC). The only three galleries in the area were Inshallah Gallery and bank (Lorraine Molina) on Main Street and the 727 Gallery on Spring Street The borders were driven in large part by the desire to include these existing venues. Your Los Angeles realtor can show you properties starting under $200K for a one bedroom, one bath condo.

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