Commuting to Downtown Los Angeles

January 12, 2011

Los Angeles traffic is legendary. Depending upon where you live and the hours you work, there are alternatives for getting to and from Downtown Los Angeles. There are 200 Metro Bus lines and 5 rail lines that pretty much cover Los Angeles County. There are also over 40 additional carriers that help connect the surrounding area. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority permits bicycles on rail and bus with some peak time restrictions. You can park your bikes at most rail stations using bike racks and lockers. Racks are free. Lockers are provided on an annual or 6-month rental basis. Beginning in 2006, the convenience of mass transit has even been extended to LAX. You can ride from Union Station in downtown LA to LAX. Flyaway buses drop passengers on the upper departure level at each terminal and pick up deplaning passengers on the lower level. There is yet one more alternative to driving on crowded freeways if you work in Downtown Los Angeles: live there! With more renovation and redevelopment of great old buildings into apartments and condos, your commute could be reduced to a short walk.

Contact your Los Angeles realtor for great live/work options downtown.

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